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MCB - 0834403881004937 | NBP - 1997-4000982198 | UBL - 0635-212898932 | BOP - 6020041968300018 | Silk Bank - 0025-2006093356 | Soneri - 0104-02012489442 | Summit Bank - 1-3-9-20311-714-153665 | Bank Al Habib - 0018-0981-016246-01-3 | Faysal Bank - 0150007900194115 | Bank Of Khyber - 0057-00270-002 | JS Bank - 9518-768100 | SME Bank Ltd. - 2002-00016225-0001 | Sindh Bank - 0648-425061-1000 | APNA Bank - 011019212700 | Askari Bank - 0730-100577504
Introduction Of Hospital
Today, the city of Lahore, with a population of over ten million has become one of the most crowded cities of Pakistan. There is an exponential increase in environmental pollution and occupational health hazards due to rapid industrialization. The foodstuffs are largely adulterated, drinking water supply becoming scare and unsafe for consumption, and lastly, industries and automobiles have increased the atmospheric air pollution to an alarmingly unsafe level. This has led to a steep fall in the health standards of the people. There is a need for an early accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of diseases, especially after the growing awareness of sound health in the mind of the public. Dr. A Q Khan Hospital Trust keeping in view the importance of described social needs has decided to launch a 500 beds hospital to facilitate the people of Punjab of various economic groups. The project is going to construct at 78 Maulana Ahmed Ali Road near Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore. The name of the hospital is Dr. AQ Khan Hospital, intending to meet the medico-social needs of various communities of different economic status.
Location Of Project
The project site is located near by our independence monument Minar-e-Pakistan & old Ravi on the road connecting Ravi road.
Nursing School
A Nursing school will be planned within the hospital premises. Nursing staff will be prepared to practice their professional nursing. The objective of the nursing school will be;

  1. Integrate the concepts of caring in nursing practice in diverse health care settings across the health-illness continuum.
  2. Exhibit competencies in critical thinking, communication, evidence-based decision making, scholarly inquiry and technical skills in the practice of nursing.
  3. Integrate professional competencies in the nursing roles of provider, designer, manager, and coordinator of care and participate as an active member of the profession.
  4. Assume ethical and legal responsibility and accountability in nursing practice, exemplifying the values of humanity, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice.
  5. Apply leadership concepts, skills, and decision-making in creating caring environments to promote health and healing in individuals, families, communities, and global populations
Hospital Planning
Hospital is going to be a seven story building comprises of a basement, a lower ground floor, ground floor & three typical floors accommodating all the necessary departments and facilities to the hospital. The hospital complex also includes a nursing school to train the nursing staff to serve the patients with true spirit of their noble profession. Here each floor is discussed regarding the activities on each floor.
On basement following facilities will be provided including;
Parking for cars & motor cycles
Generator / Electrical Room
Mechanical Room
General Storage
Lower Ground Floor
Lower ground floor will be designed to accommodate the following departments

Radiology Services including o X-ray Machines
Ultrasound Machines o Scanning Machines
Laboratory Services would include the following types of lab services
Chemical Pathology
Blood Bank


The purpose of a (C.S.S.D.) is to supply all departments of a hospital theatres, wards, outpatient and casualty departments with complete, sterile and the accent is on “Sterile” equipment ready and available for immediate use in the treatment of patients. The only exception to this may be the theatre instruments, which are generally kept, cleaned, sterilized, and used in the theatre suites.

Ground Floor
Ground Floor will provide the following facilities / departments for the incoming patients.

Outpatient Department including o Medical Consultant rooms
Patients record and waiting area o Faculty / Meeting area
Dressing Area

Hospital Medical stores / Pharmacy
For Indoor & outdoor patients
Emergency beds with monitoring facilities
Minor OT
Waiting area
Administration Area
Patient record
Admin staff offices
Record Room
Common Facilities including o Canteen
General Toilets
Visitor’s Parking

First Floor
First floor will be planned to keep in view the following facilities to the hospital;

Operating Rooms with following supporting facilities o Pre-anesthesia area
Recovery area
Monitoring Facilities
Critical Care Units with monitoring facilities would include; o Intensive care beds
Coronary Care o Neonatal Care
Wards / Beds for the patients related to following categories o Surgery
Gynecology & Obstetrics o Pediatrics
Orthopedic / Trauma o Medicine and Allied
Nursing Stations

Typical Floor From 2nd To Onward
From 2nd to onward floor the area will be utilized to accommodate the following facilities to the patients
Wards / Beds
Nursing Stations
Covered Area of the Project
The tentative covered area of the project at the current stage is estimated around 100,000 sft including all floors above and below the ground level. After completion of conceptual design more realistic figure could be determined. There could be an increase of 5 to 10% of covered area based on the final space planning of the project.
Tentative Cost of the Project
This is in reference to the construction of a 200 beds hospital at Ravi Road, Lahore. Keeping in view the standard specifications of construction materials and their associated market rates. However these rates could be raised due to the fluctuation of material/fuel prices during the current financial year. A tentative construction rate of the project for various floors at different levels as follows;
Basement level will be around -15’-0” from the road level, to be used for Parking, Electrical / Mechanical room. The height of the floor will be 10’-0”. Considering the nature of the soil of the site, a raft foundation would be required with a frame structure.

The outer walls of the structure (retaining walls) will be of concrete generally 9” thick.

Tentative rate of the basement will be Rs.6500/sft.

Lower Ground Floor
Lower Ground Floor will start from a level of -5’-0”; will accommodate all kinds of testing services including Laboratory services, scanning services & CSSD. The height of the floor will be 11’-0”. Considering the nature of spaces, the tentative cost of this floor will be Rs.5500/sft.
Ground Floor
Ground floor will be at a level of +5’-0”. This floor will accommodate outpatient department, Emergency, medical consultants & common facilities. The height of the floor will be 11’-0”.

The tentative cost of the floor will be Rs.5500/sft

First Floor
Mainly first floor will be dedicated to the operation theaters & intensive care units for various categories of patients. The height of the floor will be again 11’-0”. The tentative cost of the floor will be Rs.5500/sft.
Second / Typical Floor
From second floor onward the floor are going to be utilized for wards, rooms & nursing stations. The height of each floor will be +11’-0”. The tentative cost of these floors will be
Tentative Covered Area Of The Project
The tentative covered area of the whole project we are targeting around 185,000 sft. This area could be charged according to the final requirements of the project.
Average Construction Rate
Keeping in view the above discussed floors and their tentative cost of each floor, the average cost of the project will be Rs.5500
Tentative Construction Cost Of The Project
Considering the average construction rate and the approximate covered area of the project. The tentative cost of the project to cover around 185,000 sft covered area will be Rs.110 Million.
Architectural & Engineering Design Services
The design consultants shall provide professional services; details of the services are as follows.
Phase I
  1. Space planning all floors (Conceptual Design)
  2. Exterior Perspectives.
  3. Submission drawings to the Local Authority for Approval
Phase II
  1. Excavation Plan
  2. Foundation Details
  3. Working Plans
  4. Lighting Plans
  5. Flooring Plans
  6. Baths / Kitchens working details
  7. Door Window details
Phase III
  1. Electrical Engineering Drawings
  2. Public Health Engineering Drawings
  3. Structural Engineering Drawings
  4. Tender Drawings & Documents
Summary Of The Project (Tentative Cost)
The above estimate is based on excluding the cost of HVAC, Generators, Wapda connection with regard to the overall electricity load of the project & other equipment required for the hospital.
Project Completion Time
The project will be completed in a tentative time period of 30 months based on an uninterrupted cash flow required at various construction stages. However it is highly recommended to complete the gray structure of the project first, then later on the finishing work could be planned accordingly.

The Structure of the project will be completed in 18 Months, while the finishing works of the project can be completed in 12 months. Especially the basement structure of the building would require maximum time frame of about five to six months. The structure of the remaining floors can be completed in 12 months.